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Travel98 is a popular Taiwanese travel website that accumulates blog posts and builds a platform for Japan lovers and travelers to share their experiences. I previously worked on their website and was able to explore new ideas for other special features, promotions and apps.
Since I love traveling and am frequently in Japan myself, I welcomed the idea of having all that content displayed in a central hub.


Context & Challenges

While the suggested character-per-line count for latin fonts is around 45-75, the equivalent for Traditional Chinese characters is much fewer. Working with monospaced text has its pros and cons, but considering that the app clearly focuses on reading, I had to get this one right.
After initial discussions with the client, it was clear that the focus should be on the reading aspect, as users mostly would use the app on the go. This was great, as we could avoid making a product with unneccessary features such as the ability to create new blog posts, write itineraries, etc.


" ...considering that the app clearly focuses on reading, I had to get this one right. "


There were very few limitations from the client's side and I was left with a lot of freedom to explore and find the right solution for the given circumstances.
Over the years of working with Travel98 on various projects, I was able to establish a sense of trust and got acclimated to the brand and its users. So I was familiar with the target audience the app should cater to.

Goals & Objectives:

  • The app should provide quick access for existing users of the website.

  • The app's content should be easy and comfortable to read while traveling.

  • The app should suggest posts tailored to the reader's preferences on a daily basis.

  • The app should be lightweight so as to not drain the user's phone data while traveling.

  • Solution

    While this was more of a conceptual and explorative project, the app was definitely intended to hit the market.
    So I kept the interface minimalist, while focusing on the essential elements for quickly producing a working prototype that could be field tested.

    • readability

    Clearly Readable

    Since the app is being used while traveling, its legibility had priority.
    After various prototypes, I decided on 15-20 characters for titles and 20-30 characters for content text. That, combined with a slight increase in line height, provided a comfortable read on mobile devices across the board.

    Human Connections

    Visiting a new destination is more fun when you can get inspiration from fellow like-minded travelers. The app caters to that by creating a platform for users to store their favorite posts, images, as well as follow others with the same interests.

    • profile
    • menu

    Minimal Options

    As the app clearly focuses on finding and reading articles that are tailored to one's interests, we were able to downsize its features to a minimum.
    There's the usual sharing, favoriting and commenting, but other than that the app just does one thing and does it well.


    The app never actually made it to the market due to the changing of some business objectives. We're currently in the process of refining the app's specs and plan to start working on a more suitable version of it in the near future.
    I'm looking forward to new experiments and interesting puzzles to solve in Chinese.

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